Do Braces Hurt

Most of the time, we like to avoid things that cause pain, right? It only makes sense–if it hurts, it’s probably not a good idea. There are a few notable exceptions though! Exercise and sports can sometimes result in sore muscles and aching joints that feel good knowing we put in a hard effort! Plus we sometimes might trip up when trying something new, and hurt our ourselves or at least our pride. 

At Williams Orthodontics, we would argue that getting braces is the same as trying something new! There might be a little discomfort at the beginning, but once you’re used to it, it will help you grow into the kind of person with the kind of smile you’ve always dreamed of. 

Dr. Williams is here to share his wisdom about pain with braces and how to manage it so that your treatment goes super smoothly! 

When NOT to Expect Pain With Braces

First things first, let’s talk about when you shouldn’t experience pain with braces. 

All the Time

If you have soreness or tenderness with your braces, it shouldn’t last long. Usually, the discomfort will happen shortly after braces come on or you get an adjustment. The rest of the time you should be feeling pretty good! You especially should not be struggling with sharp or chronic pain, and if you are it means something might be going on that you should get checked out at our office ASAP. 

When Braces are Applied or Removed

Another time that you shouldn’t be worrying about pain is when they are removed or applied. In these moments there might be small amounts of pressure, but pain shouldn’t be in the picture at all so definitely talk to our team if you are experiencing anything like that. Our goal is to make these transitions super smooth, easy, and pain-free!

When Your Teeth Might Hurt From Braces

As we said before, there are a few times throughout your treatment that you may have some discomfort, but it will be well worth it once you have a healthy and straight smile that will last you for life. Let’s talk about when you can expect some pain from braces.

When Braces First Go On

When your braces first go on, every bracket and wire will be pulling each tooth into alignment right away. This is a good thing and is a part of the process to help get your teeth moving. But it also means that all your teeth might be a little bit sore for a few days. For many of our patients, this is the toughest part as they struggle with full-mouth tenderness, but don’t worry, we have some ideas for how to manage it that we share below. 

After Adjustments

Adjustments are a regular part of your treatment schedule that for most people will happen every 6-10 weeks. At these appointments, Dr. Williams may decide to tweak your treatment to create even more resistance and shift your teeth even more. This might be with rubber bands or other devices. However it happens, it can lead to some soreness afterward that you will want to treat with the same tools we share below. 

As Your Skin Adjusts

The inside of your cheeks will also need some time to adjust after your braces come on. With metal rubbing against that sensitive skin inside your mouth, you may need some extra help until you get used to it and build up resistance!

How to Handle Discomfort

Discomfort is a part of life, but we don’t always just have to suffer through it. Here are Dr. Williams’s top tips for dealing with pain from braces to help you feel great about your treatment!

Pain Killers

So simple yet so effective! Taking some over-the-counter painkillers can be super helpful for treating tenderness with braces. Be sure to follow Dr. Williams’s instructions and not overdo it. But you should experience quite a bit of relief just from aspirin! 

Soft Foods

Crunching on snack foods is something you will need to skip through most of your treatment with braces, but especially at the beginning! When you have sore teeth the best thing you can do for them is to nourish your body gently with soft and delicious food! We recommend things like soup, eggs, smoothies, mashed potatoes, ramen soup, jello, applesauce, and more!

Dental Wax

When we talk about the inside of your mouth feeling uncomfortable, the best solution is a bit of dental wax pressed over the bracket to soothe it. This will create a soft barrier to help your skin adjust to the new abrasive braces! Just be sure to remove them before eating and drinking!

Do Braces Hurt

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